Innkalling: ROCARC Webinar 18 November 2020

The Webinar aims to exchange the current knowledge in rock anchoring in Nordic countries. The contents include theories, tests, engineering practice, design, unsolved issues, etc. After the presentations, we’ll have a general discussion session to outline the commonly concerned issues.

Time (preliminary): 09:00 – 13:40 
November 18, 2020

  • Charlie Li, IGP / NTNU, Introduction to the project ROCARC  Rock anchoring for stabilization of infrastructures with focus on the arching effect and rock-grout bond
  • Magnus Sørensen, Multiconsult, 2D-modellering av bergforankrede vindturbinfundamenter
  • Andreas Ongstad, Norconsult, Forankringer i berg – FoU og praksis i Norconsult
  • Leif Lia, IBM / NTNU, Bruk av fjellanker på norske dammar
  • Mahdi Shabanimashcool, NGI, Rock anchored foundations for wind turbines – 3D modelling
  • Peter Lundqvist, Vattenfall, Sweden, A new guideline on post-tensioning tendons for dam-owners in Sweden
  • Tor Harald Hanssen, Comrod Utility Systems AS, Fundamentering av kraftmaster – historien, utfordringer og tester gjennomført av Comrod
  • Jessica Ka Yi Chiu, NGI, Mastefundamentering på berg – bergmasseklassifisering og dimensjonering

Webinar Link: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting 

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